About NLyse Consultants

What we do

NLyse offers design and assessment services for new and existing structures, working closely with clients to provide fit-for-purpose solutions. Their team of expert engineers uses the latest techniques and nonlinear finite element method software to deliver accurate and timely reports across various industries.

The company specializes in reinforced concrete, early age SFRC, FRP, UHPC, masonry, advanced soil models, and soil-water-structure interaction. With their extensive knowledge in these areas, NLyse can provide optimal answers for questions related to current and future built environments.

Whether you need help with the design or assessment of a structure, with pioneering or well established methods, NLyse can work with you to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets your needs. By prioritizing collaboration and using cutting-edge software and techniques, NLyse ensures that clients receive the highest quality service possible.

Who we are

In 2014, CEO Gerd-Jan Schreppers from TNO DIANA bv recognized the need for expert support to bring DIANA solutions into the market. A new engineering consulting department with Ab van den Bos was born and quickly established a reputation for delivering quality results.

Over the years, the consultancy group has grown and evolved, and its commitment to providing on time and within budget top-notch engineering consulting services has remained unchanged. Since 2023, the firm operates independently from DIANA FEA bv, and it still leverages its expertise in simulation software to provide a complete range of engineering services.

The success of NLyse is built on a foundation of trust, integrity, and technical excellence. The team takes great pride in their work and strives to exceed their clients’ expectations on every project. Their passion for engineering and their commitment to delivering results have earned them the loyalty of their clients and a reputation as a trusted partner in the industry.

Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete (SFRC) beam

Courtesy of abt.eu

Our procedure

Are you struggling with a problem that requires a tailored solution? Look no further. Our lead engineers are here to help. Schedule an appointment with them to discuss the best-fit solution for your needs.

Our engineers will provide a free consultation to assess your situation and propose a detailed plan to solve your problem. You can choose to utilize one or more of our services, and we will provide you with a quotation for each.

We believe in working closely with our customers to offer a total solution that aligns with your organization’s ambition and goals. Our team is dedicated to delivering the best results possible and ensuring your satisfaction.

Don’t let your problem go unresolved any longer. Contact us today to book your appointment with our lead engineers and take the first step towards a solution that fits your needs.